Moving forward…

Each new month brings “Evarance – Rise of the Shadows” a little closer to publication and I am so excited to share with you some of the progress that has been made. Last month, Chapters 17 and 18 were finalized and polished, leaving just four more chapters to go before the book is complete!

These are both exciting and challenging times for me as a first time author. It’s exciting because the end is in sight, and my book is nearly ready for submission to agents and publishers. It’s challenging because as I’ve worked diligently to edit my original draft, I am finding more and more of the story needing to be rewritten or written from scratch.

Why the rewrites? That’s because a lot of the original storyline has shifted and changed overtime requiring me to adjust or scrap much of my original work to make the story flow. This whole process has been a great learning opportunity for me and I am anxious to see how much smoother writing book two goes as I apply the lessons I have learned in writing book one.

Now, on to some other exciting news! I am working on creating a promotional bracelet charm for my book to be used in early giveaways. The company I’m working with has a long history of creating beautiful, high quality charms. Below is the rough design being used for development of the promotional fire charm and an excerpt from the book describing it.

Fire_Charm_Drawing“One of the charms resembled a fire that appeared to be made from red, orange and yellow crystals. It shimmered in the sunlight and looked as if it were really burning.”

Now, the promotional fire charm won’t be made of crystals like the one in my book, but if all goes well it should still be pretty cool. And don’t worry, as a member of my mailing list you will automatically be entered into the first drawing for a chance to win one of these charms. I will be sending out more charm pictures in the near future so stay tuned.

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-Bonnie Clark

P.S. – Things are still on track! Final edits for Evarance – Rise of the Shadowsare scheduled for completion by March 24, 2016 at which time I will be sending out queries to agents and/or publishers. I appreciate your patience in the process and look forward to sharing my story with you!


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