Things have been super busy in working toward getting “Evarance – Rise of the Shadows” into the hands of readers like you. Last month, Chapters 19 and 20 were finalized and internally edited, leaving just two more chapters to go before the book is complete and ready for content/line editing by a professional editor!

I have found an editor named, Lisa Rojany, who has written and edited bestsellers and award-winning titles, including lots of fantasy Young Adult books. She is ready and anxious to assist me in polishing my book to be the best it can be and is scheduled to begin work on March 7, 2016 to edit the book so it is ready for print. I have been told professional editing will take roughly 2 weeks to complete, which means by March 21st, the content of the book should be finalized! With the deadline to get my book to the editor closing in so fast, I have a very busy week ahead!

What’s more, there has been huge progress made in working on preliminary designs for a book cover. I’ve commissioned a talented Photomanipulator / Illustrator from Poland named Renata Lechner to do the artwork for both the front and back covers. She does beautiful fantasy art and I’m anxious to see what she comes up with. The main character, Rachel, and a firefox are two of the main elements that are planned for the front cover. I imagine the firefox will be tricky to do, but I know this talented artist is up to the challenge!

The majority of the cover artwork is scheduled to be done the week of March 21st. The reason for holding off on doing the cover until the manuscript is finalized is to get an accurate page count for the finished book. This is important because without knowing the final page count, there is no way to get a solid template for the cover art. The more pages in the book, the thicker the spine will be and the fewer pages, the thinner the spin will be. Any changes to the page count of the book will directly impact the artwork being made.

Fire_Charm_ProofTo follow up on last month’s news:

The fire charm design is complete and pre-production samples will be arriving soon. After the samples have been reviewed and approved, a full order will be placed, followed by a subscriber only random drawing giveaway! As a subscriber to this mailing list, you are automatically entered into the drawing for a chance to win!

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-Bonnie Clark

P.S. – Things are ahead of schedule! Final (internal) edits for Evarance – Rise of the Shadows are scheduled for completion by March 7th, 2016 (it was previously March 24th, 2016) at which time the manuscript will be reviewed and edited by a professional editor. Then, following the professional edits, cover art will be done for the book. I appreciate your patience in the process and look forward to sharing my story with you!


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