The end is only the beginning…

Let me begin by saying that I am truly touched by the outpouring of support I’ve received over this last month with the publication of my very first novel! It has been an honor to be the recipient of so many heartfelt well-wishes and encouraging words and I am grateful you are here with me to share in the adventure. I’ve learned so many things on my journey to publication, many of which I will be sharing with you at a later time. For now, I’d like to tell you my thoughts about how it feels to reach the end of a goal that I’ve spent so many years of my life trying to pursue. I know now, the end of one dream is really just the beginning of another.

I expected to be overcome with a sense of relief after finishing my novel. After all, I put so many years of blood, sweat and tears into it. Surely I was deserving of a much needed break. But I am beginning to realize that’s not the way it works. At least not when I still have so many more book in me to write. I am now standing on the edge of something so much bigger and greater than I could have ever imagined, but it will take a lot of time and hard work to fully realize the dreams before me.

I never truly understood just how much work went into the publication process. That is, until I went through it myself. I am also amazed at how much work goes into the marketing side of selling a novel. Marketing is vital to building readership and spreading the word. After all, if an author doesn’t market their book, how will readers ever find it among the extensive list of books published each year? I feel very much out of my comfort zone with all this, but I suppose that just means I’m going through my own personal period of growth.

Remember the story of Alice in Wonderland? It’s a story about a girl who follows a rabbit down a hole and the deeper in the hole she goes, the more strange and unusual the world around her becomes. That’s how I feel right now. In the beginning, I thought writing a book would be an incredible accomplishment to achieve and don’t get me wrong, it really is, but one published book is really only the start of what I hope becomes a long and fruitful career as a professional novelists. There’s so much more in me that needs to be written and so much more work to be done.

Thank you for being here for me. Your support gives me so much strength. Now on to some exciting news!

Fire_Charm_Giveaway1Fire Charm Giveaway Update

Results are in and the May 2016 winners are:

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-Bonnie Clark

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